Native Translation is founded on the belief that good translation is really all about communication.

We are Native Translation And this is our story

In 2013 copywriter Erik Wennberg quit his ad agency job to start Native Translation, aiming to build a new kind of creative translation agency in the Nordic region. After ten plus years in the advertising business, working in Sweden, USA and the United Kingdom he saw the need for better translations of communications material. Preferably done by native advertising copywriters, based in the intended campaign markets.

Fast forward to the birth of Native Translation: We specialize int_001
the translation and transcreation of advertising, sales and marketing material for brands that recognize the importance of cultural and linguistic differences when entering a new market. After all, several studies have concluded that consumers tend to prefer being spoken to in their native language and cultural context. Investment in a professional translation pays off, most of all on the Internet, where a good translation makes both consumers and search engines happy.

The stories of many brilliant brands and campaigns are riddled with miserable translation (which are quite funny if you’re not the marketing director): The Vauxhall Nova that was a no go (in Spanish no va), Parker Pens that guaranteed not to leak in your pocket and make you pregnant (embarazada) or the religion free DVD-player. Thankfully, the success stories of culturally sensitive brands that do their market research and launch properly translated material are even greater. At Native Translation we are determined to take it to the next level and transcreate those proper translations into great communication. Welcome, join us!



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