We provide language services to companies looking to adapt engaging media products for different markets.

Whatever, wherever We got it

Native Translation is a full-service language service agency. We help companies and organizations to get their message across in different cultures while keeping brand consistency and local relevance. Our expertise lies mainly to and from English, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish and Icelandic.

Translation & Transcreation

Transcreation is the creative adaption of marketing material from a foreign language, a type of translation that also requires communication skills. We specialize in providing just that: creative translations, ensuring that every version in every market is as culturally relevant and winning as your original.

SEO & Digital localization

A study by the European Commission shows that 9 out 10 Internet users prefer websites in their own language. When looking at what people in different countries are Googling, you find that the World Wide Web is really quite local. We optimize your international sites to be high-ranking and click-worthy.

Art & Design adaption

Effective design varies from market to market. Cultural differences make it important to review and make adjustments in colours, images and layout, for example. Does the text become longer in translation, should we use A4 or letter size, what is the colour meaning in another market? We make your design work in translation.  

Copywriting & Content marketing

We offer copywriting and content marketing services for a variety of channels including newspapers, newsletters and the web. Our experienced writers and copywriters make sure that you get first-class original material in any language, tailored for your target audience and media channel.

Proofreading & Editing

Good translation boosts your brand, poor translation kills it. It’s that simple. Proofreading and editing is all about minimizing risk that poor material slips through. And since we know that the devil is in the details, we work exclusively with native writers, who know the subtle nuances of your target language.

Market research

Would you go driving in a foreign country without map, street signs or GPS? No. Should you launch a campaign on a foreign market without doing your market research? No. Let us provide you with the who, where, why and when of prospective cultures and customers in order to make your communication a success.  

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